Luis Medina: “My goal is to hit over 300.”

Our correspondent Ariel Santa Cruz spoke with Luis Medina from Artemisa,Cuba before yesterday’s game. The Cuban utilityman has spent the past two seasons with the Pericos de Puebla in La Liga Mexicana de Béisbol. Medina defected from the Cuban National Team in the Junior Pan American tournament held in México in 2016.

Last year in 50 games with Puebla he hit .244 with two homeruns, 18 RBIs and slashed .353/.336/.689. The 25 year old Medina can also play in the outfield making him a very versatile player cementing his role on the ball club.

This year he has seen action 15 games with the Pericos. During that span Medina is batting .200 with a double, three runs scored and has also stolen three bases in a supplementary role with LMB ball club.

You debuted at a very young age in the Cuban National Series. What did you learn in the two years you played and how do you apply what you learned here in México?

I started when I was only 17 years old, I was a child but I amongst a lot of veterans and experienced players. The players supported me a lot and taught me what it is to play baseball at an advanced level. When I got here I tried to put into practice what I learned in those two years in Cuba.

You have played practically every position with Puebla. What position do you felt most comfortable playing?

My natural position is shortstop, what I played the most last year was second base. This year I’ve also played more third and first, since they asked me if I could play these positions and I obliged the team. Even though I feel most comfortable when playing shortstop, I will play whatever position necessary to help the ball club win.

You are playing as a Mexican and not as a foreigner. Do you think that benefits you or affects you in any way?

Playing as a Mexican benefits me because I don’t count as a foreigner and playing as a foreigner also has less benefits than being a national. Plus I also feel Mexican, since I have been here for a while now.

You are teammates with Peter O’Brien, how is your relationship with him?

He is one of the best people I have met in baseball, a very humble person who helps you a lot and brings out the best in you. He’s not Cuban but his mom is, so it’s as if he were, he even speaks Spanish like another Cuban. We make a good team and he is a very good friend of mine.

Will we see Luis Medina in winter baseball this year?

It depends on the situation, I hope so. As per myself I would like to play in a league abroad this winter.

Do you have personal and a collective goal for the year?

I would like to hit over .300 as a personal goal and the collective goal here is always to win the championship, obviously.

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