The Cuban Federation to allow Cuban-American players to play in international competitions in the near future.

A very credible source confirmed to me that the Cuban Baseball Federation is taking the necessary steps to open the door for Cuban-American players to represent the island in future competitions. This comes on the heels of the FCB announcing it will allow minor league players with MLB organizations to play for the country in international competitions as well.

These players will also be non-affiliated with FCB, as they were in the World Baseball Classic. Cuba has been allowing professional players affiliated with the Cuban Federation to participate with its national team since 2013, when it opened its league to professional squads located Japan, México and other circuits non-MLB affiliated. In fact most standard FCB contracts include a clause that stipulates that their affiliated players be allowed to play in international events.

” We are going to allow any player that is allowed to play by their organization to represent Cuba in the upcoming Pan American Games. The rosters have already been submitted for the Central American and Caribbean Games, so having minor league players on Cuba’s roster for the Games in Chile seems like more of a reality,” said the confidential source when I asked about minor league players a few days. When asked about Cuban-American players the same source replied,” I expect that to happen very soon as well.”

The Cuban National Team made history during the last World Baseball Classic by making its way to the semifinals in Miami with a team predominantly full of professional players, including six major league ball players. The Central American Games should include the usual suspects like Roel Santos, Yurisbel Gracial, Erisbel Arruebarruena and the last minute addition of Yasmany Tomás.

Now for the Pan-Am Games which should take place after the minor league season, it’s anyone’s guess what future MLB prospects could be on Cuba’s roster, including Cuban-American. One Cuban-American who will remain anonymous has already expressed interest in playing for the country.

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