César Prieto: “My favorite baseball player was always Eduardo Paret.”

The Cuban Baseball Digest recently stumbled upon a very interesting interview by Familia Cubana with César Prieto. The Cuban prospect spoke about on several interesting aspects of his career in Cuba and we are going to bring you pieces of the interview that was penned by All in 1 Deportes

Prieto is one of the hottest talents that Cuban baseball has produced in recent years. Since the beginning of his career with Cienfuegos, his hitting and defensive prowess, led him to be considered for the national teams at a young age. His jump to the minor leagues represented a step forward in his development as a player. For all his hard work Prieto hopes to see the majors in the not so distant future.

One of the highlights of the interview was that of his rivalry with another heralded prospect Santiago Torres of which he had this to say, “He really is a great friend, we spoken several times about many things, we both talked about it and it was something very nice that it existed and more than anything it was a rivalry on the field, but it is a nice friendship off the field and I think we both gave our best against each other in battle. It was something that was demanded of us”.

Rey Vicente Anglada was one of those who most defended you in Cuba…

In truth, I also had a good relationship with Rey, I haven’t had the opportunity to talk to him in awhile, but we have a beautiful friendship , because he taught me many things and, above all, he taught me to be patient and to wait for my moment. “I have an anecdote with him: we were in the Can-Am League and we were getting no hit, so I started to take practice swings in the dogout because that day I wasn’t playing that day, and he then comes and asks me if I was ready. Of course I said yes, in the at-bat I was down two strikes, I looked at him and he smiled. I thought to myself that I couldn’t make him look bad so I swatted a double. He later told me that he was 100 percent sure that I would get a hit in the at-bat.”

Who was your idol growing up in Cuba?

My favorite baseball player as a kid was always Eduardo Paret, because of his discipline and dedication on the field. I want to patern my career to be more or less similar to his, he was followed throughout Cuba for what he achieved. Here I have had the opportunity to train with several Cubans, excellent baseball players and people who have guided and advised me for the future. One of those who has impressed me the most is Adolis García, also a person I want to pattern my career after.

Taken from Henry Morales’ article in All in 1 Deportes.

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