Javier Mirabal: My main goal is to be the Central American Champion representing Cuba.”

Javier Mirabal is an intriguing prospect to many scouts outside of Cuba, especially those in México and Asia. Armed with a mid-90’s fastball and a good array of breaking pitches Mirabal peeked the interest of some teams during his inclusion with the Cuban World Baseball Classic squad in their preparation games in Japan and Chinese Taipei.

He impressed the Cuban brass some much that he was put on the WBC reserve list in case a pitcher on the staff suffered an injury or needed to be replaced for any other reason. After the tournament the right-hander from Villa Clara, Cuba was signed by the Olmecas de Tabasco but has yet to report for a reason we will cover during the interview.

While his issues are resolved for his trip to México he is staying in shape in the Cuban National Series with the Azucareros de Villa Clara. In 75 innings pitched the season with the club he sports a 6-5 record, 2.64 earned run average and two saves. He has also fanned 54 batters over that stretch and has 1.36 WHIP, batters hit .271 on the season against the hurler.

Tell me about your experience in the World Classic and how it helped your development as a pitcher?

My experience preparing for the classic helped me a lot in my development, I gained a lot of confidence, I greatly improved my control and I perfected my mechanics. I also increased my body mass and that added miles to my fastball as well.

You sign with Tabasco, yet you haven’t joined the Olmecas yet. Is there an ETA for your arrival with the team?

Yes, I had a problem with my passport and then with the visa. The Federation has told me that I will be able to join the club after the Central American Games.

How has the Serie Nacional helped you stay in shape for your future incorporation with in the Mexican League and for the Central American Games?

The National series helped me a lot. I’ve pitched well this year in the series. I also have kept myself in good shape throughout the season. I hope to arrive in top physical shape at the Central American games, which is my main goal right now.

What goals do you have for the remainder of 2023?

My first goal is to be the Central American champion representing Cuba, that means a lot to me. I’m trying to be part of the Cuban team for the Pan American Games. I also want to have a good performance in Mexico and stay in good physical shape for the rest of the year.

Could we see you in a winter league this year?

So far there is nothing, I would love to pitch in a winter league and compete against some of the best players in the Caribbean. I would definitely leave it all on the field in those leagues, as I always do wherever I compete.

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