Nick Castellanos: “It doesn’t surprise me that their were so many Cubans in the All-Star Game.”

Nick Castellanos has been a very prolific hitter over that past four seasons, he has swatted over 450 hits, 100 double, 80 longballs and knocked in 269 runs. The Cuban-American slugger has also made two All-Star appearances over this span.

During his career he has laced over 300 doubles and hit his 200th roundtripper this week. The native of Miami is en route to possibly collecting 300 homeruns and 500 doubles before it is all said and done for Castellanos.

Heading into the prime of his career other milestones such as 2,000 hits and 1,000 runs batted in look to be in the grasp of the power-hitting outfielder. Castellanos also figures to be a key cog in Philly’s quest to return to the World Series.

You have been slumping as of late, what have you been doing to break this slump?

Just continuing to work hard.

Do you fell more comfortable in Citizens Bank Park in your second season?

Sure, yeah.

How has Paco Figueroa help you acclimate to your new surroundings in Philadelphia?

There is a big comfort level their, since we are from the same place and we know a bunch of the same people. He’s definitely contributed a lot to my comfort level here in Philadelphia.

Are 300 homeruns and 500 doubles a goal for you?

I’ll say staying healthy and playing baseball as long as I can are a goal for me. I really don’t want to chase numbers.

Being of Cuban descent how does it make you feel that 11 Cubans played in the All-Star Game?

Very proud you know, just because of what my dad had to go through to get here so I could live out my dream of playing baseball.

What does that say for the status of Cuban baseball in the big leagues?

The Cuban people are extremely resilient. The overall culture is a very rhythmic one and one that is always in the moment. We laugh, fish, dance, play baseball, live life and don’t think much. When you combine those characteristics with resiliency they can accomplish anything. So it really doesn’t surprise that we were represented so well in a game of this stature.

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