Luis González: “I was born in Tampa, my family is from Cuba and it was an honor for me to play in Miami.”

Luis González had a very distinguished career in the majors. During his time in the big leagues, the Cuban-American hit .283 with 354 homers, 596 doubles, 1,439 RBIs and a .367/.479/.845 slash line.

The native of Tampa, Florida aspires to one day be exalted in Cooperstown. Nicknamed “Gonzo” has the numbers to enter the Hall and possibly it will be a matter of time to see him become an immortal.

González was named to the All-Star Game five times, won a silver bat in 2001 and his hit against Mariano Rivera to decide the World Series in 2001 was historic. The son of Cubans is also #19 on the all-time list in doubles.

Which was your best season as a pro in your opinion?

“It was 2001, when we won the World Series. I had the opportunity to participate in the All-Star Game, to win the Home Run Derby. From the first day of the season to the last, everything went very well for me from the beginning to the end. , that’s the truth”.

And the best moment of your career ?

“When I hit the hit to win the World Series that same year, against Mariano Rivera. The Yankees were good that year. Since you’re little you’ve had the dream of hitting the hit that decides a World Series. So making it happen was something very big and an honor”.

How did you approach that at bat against the best reliever in baseball, Mariano Rivera in Game 7 of the 2001 World Series?

“The bases were loaded with one out. I wanted to hit something to the outfield to try to drive in the run. I didn’t want to ground out, because I didn’t want to be the victim of a double play. In the end, I got enough to get past Derek Jeter and win the game”.

In your opinion do you have a case for being in the Hall of Fame?

“God willing, one day they’ll look at the numbers again, but it’s already an honor for me to have had the opportunity to play baseball for many years. Millions of people wanted to put on a Major League uniform.”

How do you remember your experience with the Marlins?

“I was born in Tampa, my family is from Cuba and it was an honor for me to play here. It was also my last year as a baseball player and doing it with the Marlins was unforgettable along with so many Latinos, the Cubans who came to see us. My family came from Tampa and meeting other family members who lived in Miami. I’ll never forget that.”

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