Dairon Blanco swipes two bases in Omaha’s victory. (+Cuban MiLB Report)

Dairon Blanco did his part in Omaha’s 6-2 victory over Louisville. The Cuban outfielder collected two hits, scored a run,stole two bases and was catalyst for the Storm Chasers’ offense. Blanco who is hitting .273 is third in the International League with 16 stolen bases.

In AA Yoelqui Céspedes swatted a double, triple and knocked in a run during his five trips to the plate, but Birmingham fell to Chattanooga 6-4. The younger of the Céspedes’ brothers has now driven in eight runs on the campaign and watched his average jump to .244.

Lázaro Benítez had him self a whale of a game going yard and driving in three runs in Lakeland’s 6-5 defeat at the hands of Clearwater. Benitez went yard and drive in three for the felines on the evening. The slugger is thrashing A pitching to the tune of a .429 average and now sports a sterling 1.066 OPS.

José Iglesias (Padres): 2-1, R, RBI,BB, (.333)
Yolbert Sánchez (White Sox): 4-0, (.216)
Raynel Delgado (Cleveland): 4-2, R, HR, RBI, (.238)
Dairon Blanco (Royals): 3-2, R, 2SB (.273)
Pedro León (Houston): 3-0, 2K (.239)
Joe Pérez (Houston): 2-1, R, RBI (.202)*
Rubén Cárdenas (Tampa): 0-0, BB (.292)*
Aramis García (Phillies): 6-0, 2K (.111)*
Malcom Núñez (Pirates): 4-1, R, 2B, BB, (.192)
Diosbel Arias (Texas): 3-0, BB, 2K (.250)
Yoan Moncada (White Sox): 4-1, 2K (.250)
Rangel Ravelo (Padres): 4-0, R, (.323)
Alejandro Mateo (White Sox): 1.0 IP, 3K (19.29)*
Franny Cobos (Houston): 2.0 IP, 7H, 4ER, BB (18.00)
Michel Báez (Padres): 1.0, 0H (11.05)


Edgar Quero (Angels): 2-0, R, 2BB, (.303)

Andy Pagés (Dodgers): 4-1, R, 2B, 2BB, RBI, SB (.250)**

César Prieto (Orioles): 3-2, R, BB (.359)

Yoelqui Céspedes (White Sox): 5-2, R, 2B, 3B, RBI, (.244)

Bryan Lavastida (Cleveland): 3-0 (.167)*

Víctor Mesa Jr. (Marlins): 4-1, 2K (.293)

Orlando Martínez (Angels): 4-1, 2RBI, K (.341)

Adrián del Castillo (DBacks): 6-1, R, 3K (.186)*

Luis Avilés Jr (Padres): 3-0, (.180)

Jorge Oña (Padres): 2-1, R, 2B (.128)

Orlando Ribalta (Nats): 1.0 IP, 2BB (2.89)


Loidel Chapellí (White Sox): 4-0, R, BB, 2K (.279)

Alexander Vargas (Yankees): 4-0, (.250)

Yiddi Cappé (Marlins): 4-2,2B,RBI (.298)

Yanquiel Fernández (Rockies): 3-1, (.347)

Geisel Cepeda (Texas): 4-1, RBI,SB (.241)


Michel Mantecon (Orioles) 2-0,BB,( .286)

Félix Stevens (Cubs) 4-2,( .288)

Cristian More (Cubs) 4-0,R,BB,(.286)

Sandro Gastón (Astros) 3-0,BB(.181)

Leosdani Molina (Astros) 4-0,( .177)

Narbe Cruz (Astros) 5-0,(.233)

Michel Triana (Reds) 3-0, (.138)

Omar Hernández (Royals) 2-0,2BB,(.231)

Andy Pérez (Rockies) 2-2,2R,2BB, 2SB,AVE .258

Lázaro Benítez (Tigers) 4-3,R,HR,3RBI, (.429)

Lázaro Estrada (Blue Jays) 3.0IP,H,R,ER, BB,4SO,(3.38)

Pedro Santos (Athletics) 1.2IP,H,R,ER, BB,SO,ERA 4.22


** Double header

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