Randy Arozarena: ” I will never stop being Cuban.”

Since Randy Arozarena joined the Tampa Bay Rays franchise, his career has made a 180-degree turn. He went from one extreme to another in a short period of time, from being just another baseball player to gradually becoming a star.

Of course, to make that possible he has had to perform admirably on the diamond. Winning the of MVP of a Championship Series, the Rookie of the Year of the American League and having arguably the best postseason in history have helped him reach that plateau. But his career is also full of controversial decisions which have coupled with his extroverted personality to make him a household named

In this 2023 one of those decisions came to fruition, he decided to represent México in the World Baseball Classic, a tournament in which he was also part of the all-tournament team based on his performance. His now famed celebratory pose made him unforgettable to baseball fans worldwide. His iconic pose of ” Randy Pose” has gone viral and has made him a cult hero in Tampa and México.

His hot start to the season earned him the right to play his first All-Star Game. A Game that not only started ; but was also a protagonist in the Home Run Derby, where he finished in second place after putting on an uncanny display of power. As he himself said this about his performance to media,“I made myself felt”.

During the week there was a recurring question: Is Randy Arozarena Cuban or is he Mexican? The native of Mantua in Pinar del Río Cuba, said this to journalists Alberto “El Beto” Ferreiro and José Luis Nápoles from TUDN Radio about the situation on the grass of T-Mobile Park in Seattle, venue of the All Star Game 2023:

What does it feel like to represent Cuba and Mexico at the highest level of baseball?

“It feels incredible, those are two countries that I love. I will never stop being Cuban. I took the first steps of my career there, I also represent the Cubans in the Major Leagues. But I also felt very supported by the Mexican fans during the World Classic. In México they receive me with love at every stadium I go to in the country. This really makes me feel very happy.

On our coast-to-coast show on TUDN Radio, fans call and tell us “Randy Arozarena is from Pinar del Río, he’s Cuban”; but the Mexicans also call us and say, «Randy plays for Mexico now; he is Mexican”. It must feel good that two countries are disputing to claim Randy Arozarena ?

“If it feels good. They are two fanbases that offer their players a lot appreciation. That’s why I am very content with the Cuban and the Mexican fanbases. I have represented them both in different settings; but whomever I represent it is for the same cause, which is to feel good and happy with what I do”.

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