Jorge Soler: “Yuli Gurriel’s experience has helped us a lot this season. “

When the 2022 season ended, Jorge Soler did not live up to what the Marlins expected. Not because of his talent, but because of several injuries that limited his contribution to the team. Miami paid him big bucks to be their big stick in the lineup.

However, this season the Cuban has become a leader for the team and has made the fish begin to see the dividends of the millions of dollars they paid him to come to Miami. This campaign Soler was also selected to participate in his first All Star Game. The outfielder has shown what he is capable of doing when he is healthy, and has been a protagonist on the field for the Marlins, mainly due to his uncanny ability to hit the longball

Soler leads the team in home runs and is third in the National League in that category, he has also swatted 18 doubles, knocked in 51 runs and sports a .876 OPS so far this season. Prior to Tuesday’s game at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, “El Crudo” offered these statements to TDUN Radio about the excellent campaign he has had so far with the Marlins, as well as what it means for him to play with a player of Yuli Gurriel’s stature.

How does it feel to be in your first All Star Game?

It feels very good, thank God, because of him I am here. Our team has done a tremendous job and hopefully we have a similar second half.

Last year you did not have a very productive season, not because of talent but because of your health. How have you held up physically this year?

I feel very good, I have not had any back problems, sometimes I have had tightness, but nothing that is that troublesome. We have played well this season and that is do to our exceptional chemistry. When I’m at home I can’t wait to take the field to see the boys and help us win. I think having such great chemistry is a good motivation tool.

What does Yuli Gurriel mean for the Marlins?

It has meant a lot to all of us. He has helped us a lot because of his experience. Everyone listens to him, including me, he’s a tremendous baseball player. He doesn’t seem to be that age, he runs better than many and he makes plays.

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