Liga Élite format revealed by the Cuban Baseball Federation.

The Liga Élite, Cuba’s version of a winter league tournament will commence in November with six teams competing for the prize. Serie Nacional champions Las Tunas will headline the bill, followed by Industriales, Artemisa, Matanzas, Santiago and Sancti Spíritus as the other participating ball clubs.

The winner of this tournament will play in next year WBC Champions League of which last year Serie Nacional Granma will be playing in this coming year in September. The teams for the tournament will be comprised of 32 players of which the details will be announced below.

Last year’s Liga Élite Champions, Los Agricultores represented Cuba in the Serie del Caribe in Venezuela, but the island nation was not invited to this year’s tournament at loanDepot Park in the city of Miami.

Liga Elite Format for 2023-24 :

  • 20 players from the original team (it is a requirement that they have participated in the series)
  • 12 reinforcements (8 from the CNB pool and 4 free that can be athletes living abroad and playing in other leagues, upon request and approval from the CNB.)
  • The selection of reinforcements will be on September 21 in a live program on national television.
  • The first and third round will start from first to sixth place. Laps two and four from sixth to first and the rest by draw.
  • Training starts on September 18
  • It will take place from November 7 to December 25.
  • The subseries will be four games and season will played in two 40 game halves .
  • The 32 players of each team will be eligible to participate in each game. The visiting team will travel with 27 players.
  • Athletes hired abroad under the auspices of the CNB may be registered and canceled at any time.
  • A window will be allowed for three players from any league (including the Serie Nacional, from game 30 and before game 40

Explaining the selection process for the Elite League:

  • 20 players who played at least one game with that team in the National Series
  • 8 mandatory players to choose from a bag that will be made by the National Commission
  • 4 players to be chosen by the provincial team who may be athletes living abroad and playing in other leagues, upon request and approval from the CNB

Information courtesy of Pasión Baseball.

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