Ponce files complaint over the Dairon Blanco signing in the LIDOM.

Photo: Playoff Magazine

The Leones de Ponce filed a formal complaint yesterday with the Caribbean Confederation of Professional Baseball Players allegedly improprieties on behalf of the Estrellas Orientales in their signing of Kansas City outfielder Dairon Blanco.

Blanco who played with Puerto Rican ballclub last year due to passport problems, set a record for the Leones in stolen bases in a 50 game season. The Cuban who was originally supposed to play with the Toros del Este was unable to be with the team due to a delay in the processing and deliverance of his passport by the Cuban migration services.

As it was explained to me by Carlos Pérez the, who is part of Leona Sports, the agency that represents Blanco,the Leones never owned the rights to the player, therefore they do not have a legitimate claim against the player.

Below is the rest of my conversation yesterday with the international agent:

Tell us about the Dairon Blanco’s situation and the Leones de Ponce complaint to the Caribbean Confederation of Professional Baseball Players?

I don’t understand what Ponce’s claim is because after he finished his contract with Ponce he went to reinforce the Gigantes del Cibao and then did the same with the Tigres del Licey. It is important to note that last year Dairon was going to play with the Toros del Este but since he did not have a passport he could not travel at that time and only went to play in PR until he received his passport.

Did Blanco sign before the deadline?

Dairon signed with the Estrellas long before the deadline. In fact, Ponce was always told that Dairon was not going to return, this was also discussed by Dairon with (Ponce GM/ Manager) Edwin Rodriguez.

Is the signing of Blanco by the Estrellas Orientales legal?

Dairon’s rights are not owned by the Ponce team so his signing with the Dominican Republic is legal. He is a foreigner and can take the path he wants, but in any case Edwin Rodriguez always agreed that Dairon was free to choose where to play.

How will Ponce’s complaint be resolved?

I have no idea how it is going to be resolved, but what Edwin Rodriguez has to resolve is how he is going to pay the money he still owes Dairon for payments. If Edwin was notified that. Dairon was not going to play again in PR then Mr. Edwin Rodriguez whom I respect dearly for many reasons is acting in bad faith.

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