FEPCUBE: “If we have to face the Cuban Federation, we will play to win.”

The FEPCUBE (Cuban Federation of Professional Baseball Players) is open to all professional players that want to assist them in Barranquilla this January for the Intercontinental Series. The team’s recently named GM Orlando Hernández is interested in putting the best possible product on the field.

The team had identified certain players it is targeting for its team below.

With hitters in the minors such as Yanquiel Fernández(Rockies), Edgar Quero (White Sox), Andy Pagés (Dodgers) and Pedro León (Astros) there is certainly a lot to work with. Cuban-Americans like JC Escarra (Tijuana) and Peter O’Brien (Puebla) who starred in the Mexican League. The minors is also chock full of pitchers, Norge Carlos Vera (White Sox), Yosver Zulueta (Bluejays), Josimar Cousin and Kendrys Rojas (Bluejays).

Even veterans like Odrisamer Despaigne who vehemently supports the Cuban exile community might want to add his services. “El Duque” also revealed that Randy Arozarena is 100% behind the project and would willing to join the squad. Free agents like Leonys Martin, José Iglesias and Adeiny Hechavarria could also add some star power to the team, as could impending free agents like Yuli Gurriel and Dayán Viciedo.

Our sister page Pelota Cubana posed a few questions to the FEPCUBE’s general manager Orlando “El Duque” Hernández about a future FEPCUBE team and their participation in the Serie Intercontinental:

What does the position of general manager of FEPCUBE mean to you?

For me it means a lot and a lot. It is something special, but I am not try to be overwhelmed much by the position but rather by what we can contribute to help the federation. I’m there, but I’m not the main voice. I’m here to help with the building and organizing of the team. Let’s see how far we can go when it’s all said and done.

You are an attraction the tournament in Colombia, the first time a Cuban team independent of the FCB will participate in an event.

One hundred percent, it means a lot to us, to the organization, to baseball. It is the first time that we are going to have the opportunity to participate as a team of Cuban-Americans in an international event thanks to Edison Rentería. We are very grateful for the opportunity and we hope that with the support of all the players, we will achieve that dream.

What would a future members club look like?

Now the least that matters to us is the names, but rather responding to the invitation to the event and supporting the players who take the step forward. I’m sure everyone wants to, but everyone won’t be able to, but of course it’s going to be a competitive team. The Caribbean Series is not played at a Major League level. If I mentioned a name like Henry Urrutia, who has played in the Major Leagues, who shines in the Caribbean. The is quality is there to make up a competitive club. Some won’t be able to go, but if they can be in training camp and help us, that’s enough.

Your manager will be Brayan Peña, how do you plan to work with him?

Brayan is a spectacular person, who always listens and lets himself be guided. But his knowledge is above any of us, because he is within a Major League organization. If the organization trusts him to be a manager, why not us? He is the right man and most of the players said yes to us because Brayan.

The Colombians also invited the Cuban Federation.

They are not necessarily enemies. We are going to play against whoever. We are going to play baseball. If they want to go to the tournament, let them play. If they have to face us, we will play to win.

What makes you believe that this FEPCUBE will succeed where others failed?

Everyone had the opportunity, but it’s like when you do a business. You start a restaurant and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. We are going to go step by step, we are not going to rush. In the end, this belongs to everyone. The important thing is that this is successful, because this is for the players.

Hypothetically this is what the FEPCUBE’s team could look like if they are able to recruit the top minor league talent they are focusing on:


  1. Pedro León CF (Astros)
  2. César Prieto 2B (Orioles)
  3. JC Escarra 1B (Tijuana)*
  4. Yanquiel Fernández RF (Rockies)
  5. Bryan Ramos 3B (White Sox)
  6. Andy Pagés DH (Dodgers)
  7. Lázaro Montes LF (Mariners)
  8. Yiddi Cappé SS (Marlins)
  9. Edgar Quero C (White Sox)


  1. Víctor Mederos RHP (Angels)
  2. Josimar Cousin RHP (White Sox)
  3. Julio Robaina LHP (Astros)
  4. Luis Dany Morales RHP (A’s)
  5. Norge Carlos Vera RHP (White Sox)


  • Dyan Jorge INF (Rockies)
  • Orlando Martínez OF (Angels)
  • Aramis García C (Phillies)*
  • Lázaro Armenteros OF (A’s)
  • Yendry Rojas INF (Padres)
  • Loidel Chapellí Jr Útil (White Sox )


  • Rafael Sánchez RHP (Bluejays)
  • Lázaro Estrada RHP (Bluejays)
  • Daysbel Hernandez RHP (Braves)
  • Darién Núñez LHP (Giants)
  • Yosver Zulueta RHP (Bluejays)
  • Jorge Marcheco RHP (Angels)
  • Kendrys Rojas LHP (Bluejays)
  • Osiel Rodríguez RHP (Yankees)

* Cuban-American

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