Three Cuban pitching prospects to watch in the future.

After 2006 the floodgates for Cuban talent opened up to MLB, players by the droves decided to start exiting one of the most secluded and talent rich leagues in the Caribbean. Talents like Alexei Ramírez, Yoenis Céspedes, Aroldis Chapman, Yasiel Puig and José Abreu decided to come stateside and what an impact they have made.

This has all culminated in a record number eight Cubans playing in MLB last year and the most Cubans to ever play in an All-Star Game this season. With the call-up of Daysbel Hernández yesterday by the Braves a total of 386 Cubans have now debuted on the grand stage.

With kids now leaving Cuba as early as 13 expect the big leagues to get inundated with players from the Largest of the Antilles very soon. Last season a record number of 33 Cubans saw action in a single season. Héctor Berrios who is a renowned pitching guru introduced me to this crop of future signees.

Jean Carlo Hechavarria who is 20 years of age is equipped with a fastball between 93-95 mph has already done showcases for the Marlins and Phillies. His fastball which tops out at 96 mph garnered him an offer from Philadelphia, which he subsequently turned down. The native of Havana could be signing in the near future.

Sancti Spíritus, Cuba native Edelvito Pérez has decent 93 mph fastball, but what distinguishes him from the others is the spin rate on his breaking pitches and the good metrics on everything he throws. The 18-year-old who recently arrived from Cuba has the most upside of the three and could very coveted when he is fully developed.

Yoennis Morales who is armed with 94 mph and also has a lot of upside, but is still a little raw. His secondary pitches are hovering in average range with pretty good spin rate and also throws a decent change-up. With a little more work he could get his fastball to hover in the 96 mph range. The 19-year-old from Camagüey, Cuba might be the last of the trio to sign.

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