Prized hurler abandons Cuba in search of an MLB contract.

Ex-Serie Nacional MVP Marlon Vega has decided to vacate the country adding himself to a growing list of top prospects that have decided to abandon Cuba, due to the growing crisis on the island. The colleague Francys Romero reported the pitcher’s defection earlier today.

The right-hander from Mayabeque, Cuba 21 games over the last two seasons and struck 145 hitters in his last 173 innings pitched. Vega was also the Rookie of the Year in the Cuban circuit in 2020-21 when he posted a 9-2 record, 4.36 earned run average.

Vega saw action in an independent Japanese league last season with the Ishikawa Millon Stars. During his incursion with the Asian team he showed mixed results, but did flash some of his talents although his velocity never hit 90 mph on his fastball during his tenure in Japan. In 7.1IP in the league he posted a 4.91 earned run average and fanned six.

Vega will try to sign in México before he is declared an international free agent to showcase his talents for scouts. The hurler throws in the low 90’s but combines good control with an array of breaking pitches and a hint of deceptiveness on the mound. The righty has a repertoire of pitches that include a fastball, cutter, slider, curve and change-up. With proper development and preparation Vega could become a top prospect for the next international free agency signing period in January.

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